Nowdays Automotive industry needs fast responsive supply chain for production and general materials which
offers wide range of process automation possibilities in whole P2P process.


One of the trends in today’s Energy industry is increased demand for sustainable energy resources which is pushing global market leaders to rebuild their traditional business process models and focus on utilisation of renewable resources as much as possible and decrease the operational cost using RPA, mobility solutions etc.

Industrial Manufacturing

Sector of industrial Manufacturing is under digital transformation nowdays, which is open environment for applying of Big data analytics, Predictive maintenance, Robotics and Automation or Mobility. Fiosoft provides range of customized solutions for process optimization with quick return of investment.

Pharamceutics & Medical industry

Pharmaceutical research always been and still is very expensive item in company budget. Utilization of RPA as well as mobility in your operational processes can deliver significant cost reduction in short period.

We are


Consultancy & development services for SAP solutions

Why us

„Triple S“ philosophy is „Simple and Stable Solution makes customer happy“. This we always having on our minds when designing and creating the products using agile way of working. Satisfied customer makes the difference! 

Go ahead and be the next one, leave it up on us!

SAP mobile apps

We are delivering End to End process starting with system setup and customizing on customer side and ending with executable fully working mobile applications

SAP On demand development

Do you have an already existing fully tailored and not well documented solution and you are looking for an enhancement? We can analyse your code and develop new functionalities based on your requirements

SAP analytics

Using our analysis tools we are able to monitor any kind of your system performance and deliver the report, based on it we can propose and deliver needed system tuning to achieve your performance expectations

Fiori UI/UX designing

Based on our customer feedback we are focusing on intuitive design when creating the UI that apps are user friendly as much as possible

SAP cyber security

In the world of digitalisation, security is a big topic to be managed. We are focusing in SAP SSO, proper GRC customizing etc.

Robotics process automation

Using automation in business process can significantly save your personal cost and decrease human errors

Our products

Fiosoft solution offers various products as you can see. We are following the concept from supplier to partner 

SAP Fiori apps

Are you looking for a nice design and easy to use apps in SAP Fiori? We are able to help you from a simple workflow approval apps to complex scenarios including mobile features like barcode scanning or reporting.

SAP ABAP development

Fiosoft experts can develop ABAP programs or review and adjust your current code. Just give us specification and we’ll deliver the product!

SAP Integrations

Integration architects can create interfaces from/to SAP. We are supporting standard integration models or custom ones.

Do you want to know more?

See all our services offered by us or just apply for project online! We will setup free call where we check requirements and give you precise estimation. 

SAP as incomparable Global Leader

„In 2018, SAP hit or exceeded all guidance metrics even after multiple  raises. With Qualtrics joining SAP, we are now poised to revolutionize the business software industry with Experience Management. With a consistent track record of unprecedented growth behind us, we are leading our stakeholders forward to bridge the experience gap. Our strategy is innovative, complete and alone at the forefront of the experience economy.“
Bill McDermott, CEO

Total Revenue

IFRS (€ milions)

Non-IFRS (€ milions)

Our deliverables

Fiosoft is a software development company based in Czech Republic. We are focusing on delivering high quality SAP mobile apps and tools tailored to customer needs. We are also offering different kinds of SAP consultancy services and support as well as on demand solutions.


  • Key value is to deliver the quality product on time and within the budget
  • Very customer oriented
  • Strong and experienced team
  • Added value for a good price

Customer feedback

„We have ordered SAP Fiori app for invoice approval. We needed some specific company adjustments and Fiosoft delivered whole executable app just 5 days after the requirement definition!“

Tommy Ahola

„Excellent and professional consultancy support in vendor management process automation. Also pointed out very good ideas how to improve the manual part of the process.“

Roger Andersson

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